The Wharf

Bluegrass Weekend


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Wharf Bluegrass Weekend 2017

WEEKEND - May 19th, 20th and 21st 2017


Shrawley, Worcester


Good food, good beer, good facilities,

concert room for Friday and Saturday night concerts

and still free mooring!


STILL sunshine guaranteed or your money back!

(terms and conditions apply)


still only £23


Workshops this year will be led by

Joff Lowson and Mike Pryor

Latest news - 26th April 2017

Following the success and excellent feedback we received about

Joff Lowson's tutorials last year he will be returning to The Wharf with a different set of workshops.


Banjo: Scruggs Style focussing exclusively on the banjo style of the great man. We will discuss Earl's timing, phrasing, right hand position and the relationship between Earl's three finger style and the two-finger tradition he grew up with.

Rock-solid rocking rhythm with Mike Pryor, see below


We are also pleased to have Mike Pryor at The Wharf. He has been a mainstay of Bluegrass in the Bristol area for decades and has a wealth of experience teaching and performing at the highest levels.


Mandolin: 6ths and 9ths – easy ways to liven-up your mando chops

We’re all used to hearing ‘jazz’ notes in hot solos on bluegrass songs, but some people consider it a heinous crime to contaminate a bluegrass song with ‘jazz’ chords. Whether they are right or wrong is a personal choice, but knowing how to play these ‘jazz’ chords is a real advantage to us mandolin players, and often they aren’t that hard to find. In this workshop Mike will show you some alterative voicings for the humble G, C and D7 chords, using 3-finger shapes which can add colour to your playing. He is also on a personal mission to increase the number of augmented chords heard in jam sessions, so expect to find a couple of those in this workshop too.


Rock-solid rocking rhythm workshop - Mike Pryor and Joff Lowson

Why do some bands make you want to dance and others just make you want to sit still ? It’s all about the rhythm of the band, the way the instruments lock together to support the singer and then allow the instrumentalists to stretch out with ‘hot’ instrumental breaks.

Earl Scruggs said “when you're playing lead you can play right on top of the beat, but when you're backing up you have to play back on the groove”, but how do you do that ?

In this workshop Joff and Mike will explore timing, rhythm, and the spaces-between-the-notes and show how small changes in where you play the chops can have a big impact on the sound of the band.


Other workshops to be confirmed


Extra accommodation is available on the caravan park immediately adjacent to The Lenchford Inn. There is a static caravan which sleeps four and a lovely lodge, newly refurbished, which also sleeps four. Please get in touch with us if you are interested. The rates are very reasonable and are ideal for those who would like a little more privacy and their own facilities for the weekend.


  • On the banks of the River Severn
  • Grass and hardstanding for camping and caravans
  • There is a camping area on the park for those who would like more space and/or quiet.
  • Excellent food
  • Outdoor and indoor seating
  • Dogs welcome!


  • One en-suite bedroom still available at a reduced rate

Please book through Wharf Bluegrass

as soon as possible (NOT The Lenchford)

by 'phone 07807358504

or email


Please talk to us at Wharf Bluegrass if arriving

before lunchtime Thursday

as camping needs to be managed!


No need to book - pay on the gate as usual.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Contact as before;

  • email
  • 'phone 07807358504